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CNA Training Through the Red Cross

If you have always wanted to be a CNA, why don’t you get your training through the Red Cross? Affordable classes are offered by this organization for anyone interested in working in health care, and are open to people everywhere. The classes are comprehensive and will prepare the students to work in one of many settings in a very short time. Hospitals, nursing homes, and private care all need someone with CNA certification to work in their facilities.

Prerequisites for CNA Enrollment

There are some prerequisites that must be met before you can officially enroll in the CNA classes offered by the Red Cross. Many states make it mandatory for any student to attend an orientation class before starting their schooling. This is just to give you an overview of what the program is about, and be aware that you must be able to pass a reading test, also. If you have not been a resident of your state for more than 2 years, there is also a required criminal background check in addition to an FBI check.


Students are required to take and pass a physical, and this also includes a 2 part Mantoux test. If you are pregnant your doctor must give you permission to take the classes simply because you are going to be standing for long periods of time and need to be able to push between 30 to 50 pounds. CNA work is strenuous and demanding. I also have to state that you must be at least 16 years old to take enroll in the CNA program. There are also tuition fees associated with the program, but they can be split into 3 payments if necessary. You may also be eligible to receive a grant from your state to pay for part of the fee, or in some circumstances, all of it.

Once enrolled, your classes will teach you the basics of personal care (which would include how to bathe and/or feed a patient,) how to take vitals (blood pressure, temperature, respiration,) how to lift correctly when transferring the patient, and how to respond in any emergency situation. You will also learn how to correctly document notes in each patients’ chart. Becoming a CNA is a stepping stone if you plan on furthering your career in the nursing field, and an ideal way to learn the basics.


The Red Cross CNA training program is a well-respected and equally well-known course of study that instills in each student the ability to administer quality care to the patient they are responsible for. Classes involve 160 hours of intensive training, practice, and lab simulation. Students can participate in either a 4-week day program, or take their classes at night for 6 weeks. Instruction is given in a realistic setting, and since the classes are usually small students need not worry about being left behind if they do not understand something.

Enrolling Online

Of course some students may not be able to attend “traditional” classes and may want to enroll online for the CNA program. The Red Cross understands this, and classes are offered online and may be completed in as little as 4 to 6 weeks. If this is how you choose to participate, upon completion of your course you must get in touch with the department of health and arrange to do a clinical rotation before you officially graduate.

Well, now you know that becoming a CNA through the Red Cross of America is entirely possible, and just another way the organization strives to help people. Contact your local Red Cross chapter to learn more about this great career opportunity.

I’m sure every man, woman, and undoubtedly some children have heard of the Red Cross in America, but I wonder if everyone actually knows what that Red Cross symbolizes, or what the organization does?

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Red Cross Emergency Response Teams

Have you ever wanted to do something good for your community but just didn’t know what or where to begin? How about getting the training you need to become a member of the Red Cross emergency response team? Believe me when I say you won’t be the first to do so. Doctors, nurses, technicians, and many more professional people already belong, but many, many more people are needed-not just professionals! Regular, everyday citizens just like you and me. Our services are needed in every community, be it a small town, large city, or something in between.


Once you become a member of the Red Cross Emergency Response Unit you will learn the seven principles that are fundamental to the Red Cross movement worldwide:

  • Humanity

  • Neutrality

  • Unity

  • Voluntary

  • Independence

  • Impartiality

  • Universality

You will need to contact the Red Cross chapter to find out what you need to do to become a member of this elite team, and what classes and training you are going to need. It won’t be an easy task, but once you are done and go out on that first call it will be the most fulfilling moment of your life. You will be helping to save lives, and what better “job” is there? Yes, this is a volunteer opportunity, and you will have to commit time and effort, but it is such a worthwhile cause.


You and your fellow team members will come together as one unit to offer assistance and aid to people who have fallen victim to natural disasters, conflict of war, and general total devastation of the area they live in. Remember Hurricane Katrina? It was through the efforts of the Red Cross volunteers that these people received the medical care, food, shelter and clothing they so desperately needed at this terrible time. Without these volunteers, total chaos would have reigned for so much longer than it actually did.

You may find yourself carrying supplies to and fro, transporting the sick, injured, or the elderly, administering first aid, or maybe even emptying bedpans. No job should be beneath you when you volunteer. You may be assigned the task of getting people to shelters, or even setting up temporary ones. Maybe you will find yourself cleaning up debris, clearing away rubble, or helping people try to locate other family members, friends, or even their pets. No matter what task you perform, it is valued beyond belief!


Volunteering is a Life Sacrifice

Volunteers who are part of the Emergency Response Unit (ERU) must be willing to sacrifice a large part of their lives if they are called to a disaster area. They are never sure when they will be able to go home or speak to their families simply because they are desperately needed at the scene of the tragedy. This is what you are agreeing to once you sign up. If you can’t commit the time and effort to devote to this unit, then offer your services in another area of the Red Cross. They are always looking for volunteers for so many different projects they have going. The point is-do something! Any little thing you do means a lot more than you may think.

People rely on the helping hands of the Red Cross volunteers in times of need, and this organization never disappoints. Always there to help people try to get back on their feet, put their lives back together, offering kindness and understanding as well as medical care, food, shelter and essentials. These people genuinely care, and by volunteering in any aspect, you show that you care, too.

I’m sure every man, woman, and undoubtedly some children have heard of the Red Cross in America, but I wonder if everyone actually knows what that Red Cross symbolizes, or what the organization does?

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