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Red Cross Reunites Not Just People, but Their Pets as Well


If you are an animal lover, you know just how devastating it is to lose your furry companion to illness or death, but somehow you manage to come to grips with it after time. Imagine how horrible you would feel if your pet, along with you, was a victim of some terrible natural disaster. You have no idea if it is even alive, much less where it may be. To animal lovers everywhere this is too awful to even imagine, but it does happen-time and time again. Pets are wandering loose, injured, sick, and hungry because their home and family are gone. How do you even begin to locate them and bring them home? Is it even possible? Yes, thanks to the efforts of the Red Cross, it is.



Of course, the Red Cross is a humanitarian group dedicated to saving human lives first and foremost. More and more emphasis has been placed on training people just like you to locate and save the lives of those pets, also. Considering how many people see their pets as ‘family members’ now, it makes perfect sense to offer these classes, known as Pet First Aid courses. For a small fee you can learn what to do to assist these animals in need. No, you won’t see an instructor administering CPR on a live animal, or giving it mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. What they do demonstrate on are large stuffed animals while the students follow along by reading the material in books that are provided.


Interesting? Yes, absolutely, and you would be amazed at the number of people who attend the classes. Not only will you learn to administer basic first aid to the animals, but you will also receive sound advice on how to approach them, how to tell if they are frightened or dangerous, and when not to attempt rescue without professional assistance. Most of them are just terrified of the situation they are in, but a frightened animal can also be aggressive and must be handled with care. You are going to learn all this, and more if you choose to sign up for a Pet First Aid class. I did, and I am so glad. I have numerous cats and dogs and I have always wondered what I would do in the event of some kind of disaster. Now I know.

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You can find these classes being offered right in your community a few times a year. You can also call the local Red Cross chapter in your town to find out when and where they will be held. Many times a library will host the event, or even the local animal shelter will participate. Sometimes you can find classes at local community events, and often there are speakers present with knowledge of animal behavior who can answer any questions you might have. It’s entertaining, informative, and a necessary part of what you need to know to save your pet. If you have, or love animals, take this class because they need help too!


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It’s also good to know that you can perform first aid on your pet even if there has not been a disaster, but perhaps an accident right at home. So many things can happen at any time – an accidental ingestion of something toxic, (pets are not very discerning about what they eat!) a fall, a home fire, and too many other things to mention! The Red Cross Pet First Aid class will prepare you and help you handle the emergency with a cool head and steady hands until you can get to a vet. Take the class! It is definitely worth the small fee.




I’m sure every man, woman, and undoubtedly some children have heard of the Red Cross in America, but I wonder if everyone actually knows what that Red Cross symbolizes, or what the organization does?

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